The Renault 4CV Register of Australia is Australia's national body for enthusiasts of the Renault 4CV and all its direct mechanical successors. The legendary Renault 4CV provided the basis for a remarkable family of rear-engined Renaults which continued into the 1990s – many of which won major motorsport honours. These include the Dauphine, Floride, Caravelle, R8, R10, and the Renault Alpines which began in the 1950s and ran through the fabled A110 to the ultimate GTA and A610 models. Even the first front engined/front wheel drive Renaults, the R4L, were fitted with engines/gearboxes directly borrowed from the 4CV.We invite you to look through this website to learn more about the Register and its vehicles. If you own a Renault 4CV or later derivative, we would welcome you to join us.  

Every two years we hold national gatherings we call "Musters". Our most recent Muster was held in the NSW town of Inverell over Easter 2019, with participants from most parts of Australia.  The photos on this page were taken at that event. 

A Victorian Mini-Muster will be held at Maldon in Victoria on 7-9 March 2020.  While this is intended primarily to provide a more local gathering
 for Victorian members of the Register, all Register members (and other visitors) are very welcome to attend. 
Enquiries to James Cavanagh, our Victorian Co-ordinator.

Our next National Muster will be held in Yass, NSW over Easter 2021 (2-5 April).


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