Welcome to the webpage for the Renault 4CV Register of Australia, Australia's national body for enthusiasts of the Renault 4CV and all its direct mechanical successors. 

The legendary Renault 4CV was designed secretly in occupied France during WW2 and went on to become the first million-selling French vehicle.  It provided the design basis for a remarkable family of rear-engined Renaults which continued into the 1990s – many of which won major motorsport honours over the years. These include the Dauphine, Floride/Caravelle, R8, R10, and the Renault Alpines which began in the 1950s and ran through the fabled A110 to the ultimate GTA and A610 models.  Even the first front engined/front wheel drive Renaults, the R4L, were fitted with engines/gearboxes directly borrowed from the 4CV. 

Every two years we hold national gatherings called "Musters".   Our most recent Muster was held in the NSW town of Forbes over Easter 2015.    It was a great event, enjoyed enormously by the many participants.  There was a wide range of vehicles, representing not only the Renault 4CVs but also a great many of its later descendants and derivatives.  The photo above was taken at the start of the Forbes event, outside the Forbes Town Hall. 

Since then, we held a very enjoyable "Mini-Muster" in September 2016 at Bathurst (including the famous racing circuit) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the release of the Renault 4CV and the 60th anniversary of the Renault Dauphine.  That's the line-up below, outside the Milthorpe railway station - OK, a couple of R16s "crashed the photo", but they were also welcome as collectable Renaults. :-)  

COMING VERY SOON  -  Our next Muster will be held at Griffith, NSW over Easter 2017.     

 We invite you to look through this website to learn more about the Register and its vehicles.  And, if you are fortunate enough to own a vehicle which is a Renault 4CV or later derivative, we would welcome you to join us.

 If you're looking for pictures, there are plenty if you go to the link to "Events".


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