Renault 4CV

  • 4CV Renault 1957 R1062 (in French & English) – a French personal page. Highly recommended. There is a stack of good technical information. Also, probably, the most comprehensive set of 4CV links on the internet.
  • Club 4CV (in Swedish) – Swedish 4CV club.

Renault Dauphine

  • 1093 (in French) – a site for the rare “motorsport special” R1093.
  • La Renault Dauphine Gordini 1095 (in French) – Site for late-model Dauphines (from 1965-68)….Just listen!

Renault Floride/Caravelle

Renault 8/10


  • Renault Alpine Owners Club Home page for a UK-based club for owners of Renault Alpines and other sporting Renaults.
  • Club Alpine Renault Home page for a UK-based club for owners of Renault Alpines and other sporting Renaults.
  • An international web site for Renault Alpine owners (now in German).
  • AR Alpine English) – A French site for all Alpines and sporting rea-engined Renaults.

Rarer Renaults of the 1950s

If you wanted to buy a Renault in the 1950s, other than a 4CV or (later) a Dauphine, what else was available?

  • Frégate Club (in French) – French site for one of the most under-rated classics of the period – Renault’s last front-engined rear-drive car wwith, for the time, very advanced technical specifications.
  • Colorale Club (in French) – interesting French site with plenty of detail (and pictures) of vehicles in the Colorale series which even included a 4×4.
  • La Juvaquatre Renault Home Page (in French and English) – The Juvaquatre was a prewar Renault car which returned to production after the war, with several hundred exported to Australia. It remained in production as a van with a Dauphine engine until 1960.

Other Renault Sites (multiple models)

Australian French Cars Forum

  • Aussiefrogs (in English) – Discussion forum for Australian enthusiasts of all marques and models of French cars.

Motoring Journals

  • Gazoline (In French, some English). Very good site for an excellent French collectable vehicle magazine, often featuring earlier Renaults.
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